Monday, May 4, 2009

A fortune meant just for me.

I got a fortune in my cookie the other day after having a yummy meal.

I laughed when I read it.

"You will be graced by the presence of a loved one soon."

Wow. That fortune was meant for me.

Of course I know that we can read into things and interpret them to mean what we want them to mean. But at that moment it gave me hope.

How silly, that something typed on a small piece of paper could make me feel so good.

And then, you know how the back says LEARN CHINESE?

My word was....


Fucking Eggplant. I laughed, it was so perfect. Like I said, Meant for me.

I mean that is exactly what I want, right?
When we do our cycle.
I want the EGG to PLANT!!!!!!

My husband actually teared up when I showed him. He said it must be saved for the baby book, and then wondered why anyone would ever need to know how to say eggplant in Chinese.


Deathstar said...

That there is possiblity and hope out there in the universe, that you could get a secret little message, is a reminder to be positive and keep moving forward.

Lea said...

Wow!!! That fortune was so meant for you! I must be saved for the baby book :)

Clare said...

here from Mel's blog... and that egg plant note is AWESOME. My first DE cycle was last October, its really nice to have someone else to be sending good wishes to this October. Good luck.. and I love the idea of a baby book with your fortune right next to some cute embryo photos:)

Lut C. said...

I wanted to thank you for leaving me some words of support.
I see you've taken a break here, but still want to wish you well with whatever you're focusing on now.